You might have a date with a guy but expecting the guy to call you or stick to the relationship is very difficult especially if the date did not really go off well. Guys’ taste and likings for a girl  keep changing and that is one reason why you might find very few guys calling back their girlfriends after a date. Most of the time, they would not and will make you wait for days if they have to. But there are some ways in which a girl can make a guy call him back. We would, in this article, look at what are they.

Be patient

It is important that the girl remains patient and call girls in karachi does not expect a call immediately after the date. Do not make the call yourself and wait for his call instead. If the person during the end of the last meeting told that he will call you, then it means that he will call you. If he does not then understand that he is either busy or not interested. If he is not interested, then why should you be interested?

Show your self esteem

People say that guys like girls who are beautiful and physically attractive. That might be true to some extent but such things will work only if the guy is not looking for a long term relationship. If he wants a long term relationship, then he would want a girl who is smart and has got self esteem. Let him know that you will not budge down quickly.

Give him a memorable date

If you want the guy to call you after the date, then you should ensure that the last meeting was a memorable one, at least for the guy. A guy will never forget the wonderful times he spent with a girl and that would make him keep going back to her again and again. Ensure that the same thing happens with you as well.

Make yourself presentable and beautiful

Be presentable and beautiful. Try to be gracious in each and every thing you do as that will definitely attract his attention. Make him feel proud of you so that he will be able to introduce you to his friends and colleagues with pride.

Maintain physical contact during the date

Physical contact over here does not mean sleeping with the guy right after the date. It means the odd touch here and there which will make him know that you are willing to be more than just a friend.

Be a good listener

Guys love to indulge in talks and if they have a good listening companion, then the merrier it would be for them. Be more very attentive to what the guys say during the date and try to be as responsive as possible so he gets the signal that you are enjoying the way he is talking.

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